I need to evolve a resistance to stupidity

It amazes me sometimes the little people know about the theory of evolution, so today I would like to clear up a few things and explain why it is universally accepted by professionals and even religious leaders.  There are a lot of misconceptions about the theory of evolution and yes if you believe in the misconceptions then the theory can seem ridiculous but there is nothing empirically ridiculous about it.

Charles Darwin is the father of this theory – there may have been earlier attempts at describing it but Charles is the best known with his book “On the origin of the species” or its first published title “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.”  Charles Darwin travelled to the Galapagos islands during the Beagle expedition in the 1830’s and there he gathered information for his future book by studying the wildlife on the island.  Two of the big things he noticed involved the local Tortoises and Finches.  He noticed on two different islands there existed the same species of Finch but the Finches on one island had some anatomical differences to the Finches on the other island.  He found that the Finches on the island where the food source was primarily insects and bugs had smaller and pointier beaks perfectly adapted for eating the food source.  Whilst the Finches on the other island had bigger and more claw like beaks which were perfect for eating fruit and hard nuts.  The same was found with the Tortoises with one type of the Tortoise having a curve in the hood of its shell allowing its neck to reach higher for eating food from branches and bushes etc.  The other Tortoise did not have this curve and was found to eat whatever was on the ground.  These small differences in the same species of animal put it in his head that they would have had to adapt to their surroundings.  More study followed back home in England and in 1859 he published his masterpiece which still holds up today and has been proven to a certainty.

I guess now is as good of a time as any to establish and correct the first misconception.  Theory – Like a lot of words in the english dictionary it has several meanings that are contextually relevant.

1.a coherent group of tested general propositions, commonly regarded as correct, that can be used as principles of explanation and prediction for a class of phenomena:Einstein’s theory of relativity, Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity. 
2.a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.
It is pretty obvious that science deals with the former definition of theory especially when it comes to the theory of relativity, the theory of gravity and the theory of evolution.  They are all facts that are supported by evidence and the word theory being used as “being unsure” is not used in this case.  The theory of evolution holds the same ground as the theory of gravity and if you think theory is indicative of not being fact then maybe you might someday float away when the theory of gravity is proven wrong.
Below I will list five observations of evolution that for many would be regarded as proof for the theory.
  1. The Universal Genetic code – All cells on Earth from white blood cells to bacteria to the cells of the leaves in trees are able to read any piece of DNA from any life form on Earth.  Very strong evidence for a common ancestor for all life on earth.
  2. The fossil record – All fossils seem to show a gradual increase in complexity with the simplest forms of life often being found at the deepest levels of soil and a gradual increase as you go higher in the soil samples.
  3. Genetic Commonalities – Human beings share 96% of our DNA with Chimpanzees, 90% cats, 80% cows and 75% in common with mice.  This is another strong indicator of a common ancestor.
  4. Common Traits in embryos – Humans, dogs, snakes, fish, monkeys, eels and many more life forms are all considered ‘Chordates’ because we all belong to the phylum Chordata.  One of the features of the phylum is that, as embryos, all of these life forms have gill slits, tails and other anatomical structures involving the spine.  For humans (and other non fish) the gill slits reform into the bones of the ear and jaw at a later stage of development.  However in embryo all chordate embryos strongly resemble each other.
  5. Bacterial resistance – Ever wonder why we haven’t cured the common cold yet.  Evolution.  Bacteria evolve to withstand the drugs we use to kill them.  Effectively when an antibiotic is taken it will usually kill most of the bacteria but not always all.  What is left is the strongest bacteria that survived the antibiotic and when this bacteria replicates you begin to get different and stronger strains of the old virus.  This happens quite quick and can make many illnesses incurable.
 Now the common ancestor thing is crucial to the theory as it our means of tracing back all of our DNA and evolved differences back to a trace point.  It is funny when people come up to me and say “If evolution is true then why aren’t monkeys turning into humans.”  This is the most laughable question ever asked and it is asked far too often.  Humans and chimpanzees share a common lineage back to a common ancestor ( we are then more cousins of chimpanzees).  Evolution is slow and takes a long time, thousands if not millions of years.  What would become chimpanzees and humans evolved from a common point but thats it,  we will never ever see (even if we could live forever) a chimpanzee turn into a human.
Well I’ll wrap it up now as it going to start turning into a book if it gets any longer.  Evolution is a fact – both long term and short term.  The evidence is strong and cannot be explained by any other scientifically accepted theory, quoting creationist stories from any religion does not prove anything.  Observing the evidence and creating theories that make predictions and predictions that can be found is the best way to understand the world.  Evolution deniers are very few in number and fewer still in IQ points when compared to those who accept the generally accepted view that life gradually changed over a long time and here we sit today trying to understand all the complexities of our heritage.  However if you prefer to close your eyes, cover your ears and deny what millions see to be true and can prove it then that is your choice but please understand what you are denying before asking me silly questions.

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