Hostility is such an Alien concept

Aliens, UFO’s, Flying saucers, Little Green Men, whatever you may call them there is one thing that is certain, humanity has been intrigued about intelligent life in the Universe for a long time.  As I often comment in this blog, I DO believe in Aliens, however I do not believe any have ever came to Earth.  I believe in intelligent and non-intelligent life existing elsewhere in space but I can’t possibly believe we have ever witnessed them – especially by a bunch of uneducated alcoholics who usually live in the sticks.  The odds for life are staggeringly good when you contemplate the vast size and scale of the Universe and take into account the age as well.  So my belief in life existing out there somewhere is a very good bet to place my money on, even my mortgage.

This can lead to a lot of criticism and scrutiny from people who find my belief in the odds showing that life must be present elsewhere other than Earth to be funny somehow.  I fail to see how being an advanced form of ape on a small rock, orbiting an average sized star, in a small part of a lingering arm of stars in the milky way of which it is one of countless millions of galaxies, could allow us to believe we are the only thing that lives within the Universe.  I do wonder if other intelligent beings in the Universe think they are all that exist or would they be more evolved intellectually and emotionally to accept their minuteness in the grand scheme of things?  Most people get caught up with the whole Star Trek/War of the Worlds picture of aliens or the scenes of drunk hillbillies saying they ‘done seen something like a light that pulled me up and some little grey man stuck this big metal thing up me’.  Also when people especially scientists talk about alien life they are not always referring to intelligent life or advanced life.  In fact most of the time they are referring to bacterial life that they believe exists in places in our solar system such as Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa.  Bacterial life would be an amazing discovery as of course via evolution we know that all life today came from similar conditions and hence we would be discovering the early stages of evolution of something that one day could become an intelligent species.

Some people say we shouldn’t intentionally aim to make contact with intelligent life in the Universe as we would be unaware of their intentions.  Of course I can’t know for sure but I would highly doubt that any intelligent life out there would come to Earth with anything other than curiosity on their mind.  We would be talking about an advanced species that are highly evolved (possibly far more evolved than we) and would have made enough technological advances to master space, especially the treacherously large distances they would need to cover to get here.  So I could assume that they have evolved to as high a level as us but possibly much higher and they have mastered technology that we couldn’t dream of mastering at least in this millennia.  My next logical question would be “why would they want to harm us?”  It would make no sense to come all the way here and kill us because we are here because I can’t see a species having evolved and succeeded in space travel when their motives would be primarily to kill for no reason.  Any resources we have would be useless, unknown to them or something they already have abundance of especially at closer ranges, so I doubt they would come here to mine our materials.  The star they evolved around would be the star they are adapted to so I also doubt they would see Earth as a fit home unless it by chance suited the exact same specifications as their home planet.  The more I think about it the more unlikely I find hostile aliens as it just does not seem to make sense for an alien species to travel here and attack us or mine our materials.  Stephen Hawking recently urged us to be careful with our approach to finding intelligent alien life but I fail to see why?

Finding life elsewhere in the Universe would be the most important and amazing discovery in the history of mankind, finding intelligent life would just be inconceivable to the human mind.   How could we hear that intelligent life exists and not have it affect how we look upon ourselves as humans.  Religions would surely fail or desperately struggle to explain just how intelligent life could exist elsewhere other than Earth but even the non religious would struggle to not find their perspective of self importance diminished in some way.  I think if we found intelligent life out there then surely this new perspective would end wars and maybe promote a grander unity amongst the human race in the aim for a better world.  I don’t think there is any danger in hunting for extra terrestrial life alas I find it imperative for our evolution as a species and as conscious beings to find and realise our place in the Universe.  As I type this blog the Curiosity rover is heading to Mars and in the next few months will hope to confirm microbial life on our sister planet, I hope for mankind there is.


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